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Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century

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How many people died in all the wars, massacres, slaughters and oppressions of the Twentieth Century? Here are a few atrocitologists who have made estimates:

Military Collateral* Democide Famine Total
Wartime 37m 27m 41m 18m 123m
Peacetime 0 0 40m 40m 80m
TOTAL 37m 27m 81m 58m 203m

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List of Recurring Sources


How did you get these totals?

Simple -- I added everything up. If you sum the first five of the century's top 30 atrocities, you get a bit over 142M. Summing the first 10 brings the total to 157M, while the sum of the first 20 is 171.7M. It may look like, at this rate, we'll shoot past 188M in no time at all, but notice how the body counts get smaller at each level -- from 142M for the 1st 5 to 15M for the next 5 to a mere 14M or so for the next 10. Pretty soon, we get to the point where a single atrocity doesn't noticably shift the total at all.


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